Fat melting Zobo Smoothie

Zobo Smoothie

Zobo Smoothie is an excellent Fat melting drink due to its natural and powerful ingredients. It is also called hibiscus flower drink used as a base for this smoothie. Weight loss Smoothies are easy ways to lose weight without stress. This recipe is best for people that are lactose intolerant ie, people who can’t tolerate milk or milk products. It also is appealing to the eyes for those who can’t stand green colored smoothies which by the way is filled with antioxidants to renew youth, lose weight and live free from diseases.

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Habits for effective weight loss

Habit is something you do regularly. Everyone who has successfully lost weight and kept it off in the long run can tell you they’ve been consistently doing some things or habits without fail to maintain the weight loss.

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10 plant based Protein source in Nigeria

Proteins are necessary for body functions like growth, maintenance and repairs. It is also a source of energy. When we talk about Protein, Our mind quickly goes to meat, fish and eggs. These are all animal based protein. Plant based protein also offers you same benefits. Continue reading 10 plant based Protein source in Nigeria

5 Weight Loss Questions Answered

Hi guys,
Welcome to another buriful buriful week. #winks#. My weekend was upsome (according to our Ibadan friends). Hope we are doing great!
In my just concluded 28- day weight loss boot camp for the month of February 2017, a lot of questions came up. In fact, my eyes were opened to another side of this my “calling”. Continue reading 5 Weight Loss Questions Answered

5 Reasons you need a Food Journal

Happy new month people!!
I love new beginnings. It’s always another opportunity for me to assess past plans and then correct or improve them to get me closer to my final destination. That being said, I’d like to introduce us to one of my efficient and effective weight loss tools.

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5 Reasons SUGAR is bad for you!

Ever heard the ibo saying, “ihe n’ato uto n’egbu egbu” (the sweet thing is also the killer)?
Sugar is bad for so many reasons, but for the purpose of Weight loss I’ll share just 5 Reasons why you need to say NO to sugar.

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