3-digit (kg) Reset Academy

3-Digit Reset Academy

3-Digit(kg) Reset Academy

A Reset Academy  designed for persons weighing 100kg and above! 

Join us for a HOLISTIC approach to weight loss. Let us help you leave 3digits for good!

Who is it for?

This is for you if you feel the time has come to finally reach and maintain your ideal weight. To overcome cravings and unhealthy eating habits. To Renew your youth, look 10yrs younger. To enjoy a happier, fulfilling and healthier life. If you are tired of wishing and wondering when? Finally get to ACTION and remove all the guess work.

Meet Reset Academy's Host


Promise Okonkwo

Nutritionist & Fitness Consultant

“Over the past 9 years, I have worked with THOUSANDS of people to help them regain the best version of themselves which they truly DESERVE.

I help my overweight and obese clients get to their ideal weight and BMI through developing a deeper understanding of their habits and lifestyle choices. As a certified Nutritional Wellness Consultant, I aim to help you adopt a new healthy and pleasurable lifestyle with effective tools, resources and guides enabling you to maintain it for the long term”. 

How Does Reset Academy Work?

We start off with a Diet and lifestyle assessment with the help of our specialized questionnaire. 

The results will provide you with likely meal plans which you can opt for depending on your preference.

You also choose your Exercise intensity. Fast, Medium paced, Slow. It all depends on you and what you want.

What you get..

ENROL 3-digit body reset academy

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Work with the very best!

Join our Academy and start losing weight effortlessly.

We make sure you have every tool you need to reset your weight and leave 3digit weight (kg) for good.

Do you want to finally reach and maintain your ideal weight with ease?

Do you want to be free from the food cravings that sabotage your efforts?

Do you want to feel more confident and fulfilled?

Maybe you want to feel healthier, renew your youth?

Imagine a life where you never had to worry about your weight anymore.

Just a stress free healthy lifestyle and a body you are proud of by eating right the way Nature planned it.

If any of the above appeals to you, then you need to JOIN our Academy.

N 100,000
  • Full Access

ENROL 3-digit body reset academy

* are compulsory

What our Academy students have to say..

"Glory be to God in the highest! I'm grateful to God that gave you insight on weight loss. I have finally left 3digits for good! From 118kg to 99kg in less than 10weeks. You are Amazing, thank you so much!!
Onyinye Obi
Lagos Nigeria
"Your motivation and accountability steps helped me stay focused on the goal. In 6weeks, I was finally able to drop 10.8kg. this was something i couldn't achieve in so many years!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you".
Tolu Peters

Experience total freedom with the knowledge and application of healthy food choices. 


Most frequent questions and answers

You enroll into the Body Reset Academy with a ONE-TIME payment of N100,000 only.

No, anyone who wants to lose weight effectively and healthily can enroll.

Yes, the plan will be modified based on any medical diagnosis. Please also consult your doctor before commencing the program.

Most of our students start to notice weight loss from week 1. Our goal is to help you get to your ideal weight as soon as possible.

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