10 Powerful plant based Protein source in Nigeria

Proteins are necessary for body functions like growth, maintenance and repairs. It is also a source of energy. When we talk about Protein, Our mind quickly goes to meat, fish and eggs. These are all animal based protein. Plant based protein also offers you same benefits. Let us consider 10 sources of plant based protein you can easily source around you.

1. Beans: This category consists of our local brown, white, red and black beans. They contain up to 15g of protein per cup when cooked. It is high in Fibre, calcium and iron. Add it to your rice, yam, plantain or cook as porridge to enjoy its great benefits.


2. Sweet potatoe: A very common root vegetable, it contains up to 4g of protein per cup when cooked.

3. Green leafy vegetables: Most green leaf vegetables pack up to 6g per cup. Leafy vegetables include spinach commonly green, Ugu, ewedu, water leaf and others.

leafy vegetables

4. Soya milk: Prepared by soaking soy beans overnight, washing and blending the beans to extract milk, this milk contains up to 5g of protein per cup. A healthy substitute for sugary drinks and good for making smoothies. See our “50 weight loss smoothie recipes E-book” to lose weight using soya milk as base.

soya milk

5. Avocado: This fruit contains up to 3g of protein per fruit. It also contains healthy fats and oil good for the heart and body.


6. Nuts: Groundnuts, cashew nuts, tiger nuts all contain up to 5g per half cup. Very good source of protein and healthy fats.

7. OATS: Rich in fibre and calcium. contains up to 7g per cup. Drink as porridge or eat as fufu to enjoy its weight loss benefits.

8. Peas: Rich in Vit A, C, magnesium, and dietary fibre. Boasts of up to 8g per cup.

9. Native rice: Includes our very own ofada rice and abakaliki rice. Very rich in fibre, protein, magnesium and iron. It contains up to 4g per cup boiled. Good for the heart and improves digestion.

10. Moringa: Available in leaf or powdered form, it also contains protein ( about 14g per half cup), vitamin C, iron, potassium and fibre. Very nutritious and healthy and can be added to food, stews, soups or smoothies.

As you have noticed, all the above mentioned plant proteins, contain fiber which has great weight loss benefits. See also this post on Fiber to learn more how to reap its benefits. Incorporate these nutritious plant based protein for a healthier, slimmer version of you.

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