28 Day Body Reset Program

I’m so excited to announce my brand new DIET Program “28 DAY BODY RESET PROGRAM”. This is exclusively designed for my SUPER BUSY LADIES!

If you have a lot of time on your hands, you might not really appreciate the program and so I recommend you buy my WEIGHT LOSS MADE EASY e-book and read up! It will take you through a guaranteed 3-step plan to lose weight effectively.

In February earlier this year, I hosted a WhatsApp weight loss seminar. A private boot-camp where I did a lot of teachings on weight loss matters. Video and audio materials extracted from my WEIGHT LOSS MADE EASY E-BOOK were given to participants to equip them for long lasting weight loss efforts. It was interactive as participants asked questions and got answers to their unique challenges. Assignments were also given at the end of each week to further practice what was learnt.

This time around “28 DAY BODY RESET DIET” is a SERIOUS, straight to the point 28day diet designed to melt away stubborn FAT. It has no time frame meaning you start at any time convenient to you, no long teaching. It is broken down into:

Weekly meal plans
Free days
Weigh ins
Meal and snack options.
2 “30mins” workout per week

It has been designed especially for busy individuals, moms or executives who have TIME as their major challenge to losing weight. It’s also pretty straight forward. No ambiguous terms or catches involved. If you have a short term goal of losing that final kg or a special occasion or appearance you need to make or attend, this is for you.

What do YOU stand to gain?
Most importantly is gaining control over Hunger! You won’t notice those hunger pangs that make you eat unhealthily.
Experience detoxification and cleansing of your entire body and system.
Boost your metabolism naturally
Improve your digestive system
Lower your insulin level which will make your body burn more FAT
Lose weight at a faster pace. The caloric restriction will facilitate both water and fat loss as your system will be expelling sodium which causes water retention and weight.
Lose Belly Fat.
Experience youthful vigour and energy.

Once you download the manual, you have it for keeps to use whenever you want to lose weight. Your all time secret weight loss weapon.

All you need do is make up your mind, sign up and participate for a token of N10,000. This program is guaranteed to make you lose up to 5-15 kg during the 28- day period. I have done the research, your concern is to join us and Lose weight. Period!

Please note also that this is a RESTRICTIVE DIET. It is required of you to forfeit some items. You break the rules at your own disadvantage. At the end of DAY 6, you should start to record weight loss.

The manual for participation will be hosted here. When you make payment, you are given access to log in at any given time to download your Hand book. You choose the day you are ready for kick off and commit to completing the program.

No harmful substance of course will be used in the course of this diet.

Medical Disclaimer:
If you have any underlying health problem, you should discuss with your doctor before embarking on this program.

This program is also not ideal for PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING mothers due to the extra energy needed to nurture your pregnancy or produce breast milk.

That being said, you really have nothing to lose except UNWANTED FAT. Losing weight has never been this easy! If this is for you, I appeal to you, Don’t be left out. No more excuse to not losing weight!

For a token of N10,000 you get a life time access and a bonus of my WEIGHT LOSS MADE EASY E-BOOK.


Join other Ladies who are determined to get their sexy bodies back!




5 Replies to “28 Day Body Reset Program”

  1. This is by far the best weight loss program I have ever participated in. I followed every rule and was dedicated to loss weight and ‘ YES I DID IT’.
    Before I started this program I weighed 86kg but now I can proudly say I have lost 9kg in the 28day program . I now weigh 77.
    Thanks to weight- loss- made- easy. You can also do it only if you give it a try!!!

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