Flat Belly Smoothies E-book (30+ recipes)

Get a Flat belly with this collection of Trusted FAT BURNING Nigerian fruits and vegetable blends. Also get a 7-day detox plan to get things rolling pretty fast.

Many people desire a slim physique , but due to Ignorance, and wrong or lack information, they expose their Health to dangerous pills or medication which “supposedly” burns fat.. All to no result!

With the rise of kidney and liver disease, we should be careful what we take in the name of shrinking belly fat.

This book has been carefully written to make sure you use natural methods consisting of fruits and vegetables to achieve a healthy result without endangering your vital organs. 100%Natural!

In addition to reducing the size of your belly, you will:

✅Lose weight

✅Reverse diabetic symptoms

✅Reduce bad cholesterol levels

✅Clear blocked arteries and blood vessels

✅Reduce blood pressure and so many benefits.

✅Guaranteed to shrink stomach size in 30days.

I am a smoothie lover and a proof of what you will get in this book. Having lost up to 30kg, I want women to know it is possible to regain your sexy self back after child birth.

Smoothie result

The recipes are mostly green smoothies which will totally saturate your body, flooding it with goodness and vitality to ensure maximum fat BURN!

Once purchased, you will also receive a 7-day body reset plan that will help you begin this wonderful journey. After the 7days, you can adjust accordingly to suit your preference.

Consistency is the key to lasting success. Follow instructions for best results. Many users have noticed upto 4kg and at least 2 inches reduction of the waistline in the first week depending on how much weight one needs to lose. Results vary based on individuals.

So, What are you waiting for? Make haste while the sun shines. Get your copy Now! 


Product description: e-book

Price: N3,000

35 juicing recipes for FLAT BELLY



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    1. Get a copy of the our flat belly smoothies to begin your transformation.

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  1. Dear sir/ma, please I want to be sure if the fruits, vegetables and other materials to prepare the smoothies in your book are easily accessible in Nigeria markets particular in Abuja. Once I am sure of this, you will be sure I will pay for the book.

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