35 juicing recipes for flat belly ebook

Juicing is simply the extraction of liquid from fruits or vegetables. It is NOT a SMOOTHIE drink. The chaff is removed or sieved out, leaving only the Liquid drink.

This Detox juicing book is a collection of natural night and day drinks to SHRINK fat and Lose weight healthily. It is jam packed with 35 powerful carefully selected recipes that will help you burn fat like crazy.


Fruits and Vegetables are very important for a healthy life, it becomes even more important as part of a weight loss plan. Juicing fruits and vegetables is another easy way of providing a wide variety of the nutrients you need to be healthy as long as you have it daily.
A diet rich in vegetables aside helping you lose lots of weight can also :
1. Improve digestion
2. Reduce excess blood sugar
3. Improve blood circulation
4. Reduce blood cholesterol
5. Improve metabolism
6. Reduce greatly risks of stroke and some cancers.

If you’ve struggled to lose stubborn fat, get this juice book to help your body release stored Fat. The drinks will force your body to Burn Fat for energy.

This ebook is also particularly helpful for people who cannot naturally digest fiber in fruits and vegetables. The juices and teas presented are easily digested to help IBS sufferers (IRRITABLE  bowel SYNDROME) lose weight with ease.

In addition to having a healthy lifestyle to lose weight, these drinks will help you boost metabolism , detoxify your body , reverse life threatening ailments and renew your youth.

It also contains specific instructions for each drink. Some you take after meals, some on empty stomach, others can be taken anytime without complications. Considerations and adjustments have also been made for ulcer patients. They too can now enjoy weight loss with ease.

Other benefits of Detox juicing include:

Lowering blood sugar
Reducing high blood pressure
Lowering blood cholesterol levels
Shrink BELLY Fat

Reverse thyroid under functions
Naturally heal ulcer complications, improve IRRITABLE bowel syndrome 

And so much more!

Get your copy for just #3,000. Save money on slimming pills and tea. Prepare your very own fat burner at the comfort of your own home. You will also receive FREE detox plan for maximum effect.

The author Okonkwo Promise is a certified weight management specialist who also successfully lost up to 30kg using natural techniques.

Product description: E-BOOK

Price: N3,000.


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