The 4weeks FIX ME Diet Plan is an aggressive approach to Lose weight naturally. It is designed to help your body release fat it has been storing and hoarding. Guaranteed to help you lose up to 10kg in 4WEEKS.

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4WEEKS FIX ME Modules :

Week 1: Body Reset – You will lose a lot of water weight due to excess water trapped in the body cells. It maybe extended to 10 days for more result. Users have noticed loss of 5-10kg or even more depending on how much weight to lose.

Second Week: Fat burn – The body is adjusting to the new metabolic change, we charge the body more by a total change of diet targeted to burn real fat away from the body.

Third week, Body Reset : This week goes through another body reset plan to further release excess water plus and Fat.

Week 4: Round up phase- The body is getting adjusted to the new fired up system that will continue to burn fat till the desired weight is achieved.


You will be drinking a lot of SMOOTHIES, not just randomly picked, but carefully selected with professional guidance and support for guaranteed weight loss! See why our weight loss smoothies are good for you.

4WEEKS FIX ME plan is just the perfect plan for you to lose stubborn weight easily. It breaks through limitations of weight loss by;

Reducing craving urges

Drastically lowering appetite

Shutting Down new Fat cell storage and

Boosting metabolism.

Results to expect include but not limited to the following :

  • 10 – 15kg weight loss which begins immediately from the first week.
  • Belly fat loss and reduction in waistline.
  • Lowered cholesterol levels.
  • Improved blood pressure.
  • Drop in blood sugar levels.
  • Lighter feeling and improved moods.
  • Increased energy levels and metabolism.

Program Fee: N10,000

You also get a free copy of our “50 weight loss smoothies recipe ebook”. This is to ensure you have all the weapons of warfare.

Please note this plan is a smoothie plan. If you cannot naturally digest fiber from fruits and vegetables, I advise you to get “35 juicing recipes for Flat belly ebook “. It takes care of that problem effectively.


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About the AUTHOR

Hello guys, thanks for stopping by! My name is Promise Okonkwo and I’m the founder of Weight loss made easy Nigeria.

I understand what it feels like gaining so much weight in the process of having babies. It’s a beautiful feeling carrying a life and having opportunity to bring in precious kids into the world, But it is also a mixed feeling having to see yourself change completely from your slim self without knowing what to do. Does it mean we have to sacrifice our fit bodies after child bearing? Definitely NO!


  • I have lost more than 30kg and kept it off over 9yrs. My methods are tested and trusted, 100% Natural.
  • I have certifications in Nutrition, weight management and Personal fitness training.
  • I’m a Nigerian mum living in the ever busy Lagos state with so much hustle and bustle. I understand time availability which have been factored into this 4WEEKS FIX ME Diet Plan.

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    1. Sure! One of the benefits as mentioned above is ability to reduce appetite and overeating. In less than 10days, hunger hormones causing overeating is reduced drastically.

  1. Good morning , is this program still on ? If yes I will like to do it. Also after achieving desired weight , how are we going to maintain it so that one will not gain weight back?

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