5 Reasons SUGAR is bad for you!

Ever heard the ibo saying, “ihe n’ato uto n’egbu egbu” (the sweet thing is also the killer)?
Sugar is bad for so many reasons, but for the purpose of Weight loss I’ll share just 5 Reasons why you need to say NO to sugar.

1. It has no vitamins or mineral. The sweet taste is just empty calories.

Some people take as much as 4 to 5 cubes for a bowl of pap or garri. Substitute with a teaspoon of honey or milk for a sweet taste and less calories.

2. It decreases the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Long use of sugar in large quantities leads to type 2 diabetes.

3. It leads to fat deposits around the liver and vital organs. Stomach fat most times is as a result of diet high in sugar.

4. It reduces the body’s ability to burn fat. That means whatever you do, without eliminating sugar, your body cannot burn any Fat.

5. It increases fat storage since the body cannot burn fat effectively. Removing added sugar from our diet will improve our chances of successfully shedding any extra weight as well as reversing symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

For a more targeted action to blast Stomach Fat or reduce weight healthily, you can go through our weight loss books to get you the body of your dreams effortlessly.

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