5 Reasons you need a Food Journal

Happy new month people!!
I love new beginnings. It’s always another opportunity for me to assess past plans and then correct or improve them to get me closer to my final destination. That being said, I’d like to introduce us to one of my efficient and effective weight loss tools.

A Food Journal!

A food journal is simply a diary used in recording food you consume on a daily basis. Food journaling is the process of using a food diary for health purposes.

Why journal your food?

1. This is the easiest way you track the QUANTITY of food you really eat. Working with people one on one, I always insist you do a minimum of 7days food tracking covering Monday to Sunday. You have to get a quantity in order to reduce or increase

2. This is also the easiest way of tracking the QUALITY of food you eat. Some people swear they eat healthy, but looking at their completed 7- day food tracker, you notice they may not eat actual food, but they eat plenty snack and snacks and more snacks.

3. When you know the quality and quantity of foods you eat, you can calculate correctly your calories intake. My weight loss made easy e-book has common Nigerian fruits, foods and vegetable caloric table. Also see our FOOD and DRINKS CALORIES EBOOK

4. Knowing your total calorie intake will help you create a DEFICIT for weight loss. In a nutshell, you need a caloric deficit to start burning stored FAT. check out my workbook Start Up Guide

5. You are also able to periodically check progress or lack of it as you now have in your hands, your behavioural pattern and eating pattern. For example, journaling my food showed me I ate more on Thursdays. Why? Lagos island market opens by 10am on Thursdays due to market clean up. This means I leave home late and while I’m at home I keep nibbling and eating. Realising this behavioural pattern made me more conscious of Thursdays. I now find other activities to keep me busy other than food. Don’t ask me which activities biko.

So as you begin this new month, make a tangible plan to journal your food. This will get you a step closer to your desired weight.

Download your free food journal here


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