Most people don’t realize having a flat belly is more than a cosmetic goal. That is to say, lots of people want a flat belly to enable them fit into skinny jeans or dresses with ease.

But do you know that STOMACH Fat or Visceral Fat is more dangerous than having fat located at other parts of the body?

The fact that belly fat is an accumulation of fat around delicate organs of the body is frightening. Fatty liver is as a result of excess fat being absorbed and stored in the liver. This ultimately leads to inflammation and scarring of the liver or even in some cases liver failure or cancer. Other risks associated with Belly Fat include type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and other life threatening ailments.

Let us consider these 5 tips for a flatter belly;
1. Flat Belly as a Health goal: Seeing loss of stomach fat as a health goal is the first step in helping you work hard towards having a flat belly. Once you realise the dangers of having excess belly fat, you are more aware of choices you make that may either improve or aggravate the condition.

2. Minimise Sugar intake: I have talked about the dangers of sugar in a previous post, (read it here). It reduces the body’s ability to burn fat. Sucrose or sugar found in fruits are different because they contain vitamins and essential nutrients, so far they are taken with the fleshy part.

3. Water: having a cup of water right before meals help you consume less calories. Aiming to drink a total of 8 glasses minimum goes a long way in flushing the liver, improving digestion and expelling sodium from the body which also causes stomach bloating.

4. Fibre: Found in fruits and vegetables speed up metabolism to help burn stomach fat.

5. Exercise: Engaging in various forms of exercise also helps in burning excess calories for flat Belly.

Flat belly smoothies

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle generally will help prevent us from having dangerous life threatening sicknesses in the future. For a more targeted approach to reducing BELLY FAT in 30days, get a copy of 30 flat belly smoothies

It will introduce you to powerful fruit and vegetable drinks to help you blast belly fat in the shortest possible time. You can also check out WLME e-book to help you lose weight effectively and efficiently.

Cheers to the new you!


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