5 Weight Loss Questions Answered

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Welcome to another buriful buriful week. #winks#. My weekend was upsome (according to our Ibadan friends). Hope we are doing great!
In my just concluded 28- day weight loss boot camp for the month of February 2017, a lot of questions came up. In fact, my eyes were opened to another side of this my “calling”.

You think it’s only preachers and pastors that are called? It was a private coaching WhatsApp experience where I gave out video and audio lessons on weight loss. The program was split in 4 weekly modules where we had 1 focus point for each week. It wasn’t a group chat something. A personal one on one session. See screenshot below.

This allowed participants to be more open about challenges (you know women; we like Nicodemus method of learning. we need something but act like we don’t). The questions were answered individually but I would like to address the top 5 questions that kept coming up.

Q1. Is it really possible for me to lose weight? I really have tried a lot of things.
Ans: YES, it is possible. You have tried only the things you have read or learnt about. What of the ones you haven’t heard about?

Q2. Promise, just tell me straight away what ONE thing I will do to lose weight.
Ans: LIPOSUCTION. So unless you are not ready for the procedure of LIPOSUCTION or TUMMY TUCK, it is the sum up of all the little things that will help you lose weight. You know how you don’t come to your kitchen and magically conjure up a meal? You actually prepare, wash, cut, slice (sometimes your finger and blood goes in alongside other ingredients), pound the poundables, grind and other kitchen activities to present that mouth- watering delicacy to your family. In the same way, all your little efforts like calorie counting, walking instead of driving, meal adjustment etc. will translate into weight loss. Check out my “start up guide”e-book. It’s a compilation of little things to help you get started on your weight loss journey.

Q3. Are you saying I will do THIS every day of my life?
Ans: YES. Just like you bathe every day of your life and it’s no longer a big deal.

Q4. Can I lose weight without stressing myself?
Ans: YES, you can. All you need is a smart game plan, determination and consistency. See WLME e-book

Q5. Is it a must I should stay away from sugar? Okay what of juice?
Ans: Yes, it is a must. Only the TRUTH can set you free! See the dangers of sugar here. Fruit juice have been stripped of the fibre which blunts the effect of sugar. Moreover, most juice available in the market have high amount of added sugar.

In conclusion, if you have any unanswered question pertaining weight loss, don’t hesitate to ask below in the comments section. If you also have a private question that you want answered privately ask here. The bible tells us to “Ask and we shall receive, Seek and we shall find; Knock and the door will be opened unto us.”

Do have a buriful buriful week!

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