50 Effective Weight loss smoothies recipe book


I love my weight loss smoothies! You want to know why? Just stay with me. 

One of the keys to maintaining my weight loss for over 9years is no secret..my smoothies! I have consistently and gradually lost weight without stress, it’s no longer a huge deal.

It’s such an amazing way to saturate your system with life-giving antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins for healthy living. Living in a toxic filled world, you need to constantly detoxify your body and system. Having a detoxified system ensures no excess Fat is stored.

One of the Natural ways you can achieve that is by having lots and lots of fruits and vegetables. The problem is, we don’t have enough time to chew the daily dose required for body cleansing.

I have carefully put together these recipes to help us get a daily dose of what we need to detoxify our system. In this process, you will start to notice INSTANT WEIGHT LOSS. Guaranteed to help you lose minimum of 3kg weekly. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!

It can be taken anytime and anywhere, prepared with ease, using easily accessible local fruits and vegetables. It is packed with so much fiber to fill you up, and boost metabolism for continuous weight loss.

More benefits of “50 weight loss smoothies”:

  • Experience detoxification and cleansing of your entire system.
  • Boost your metabolism naturally to AWAKEN your Fat burning Hormones.
  • Improve your digestive system.
  • Lower your insulin level which will make your body burn more FAT.
  • Lose weight at a faster pace. The caloric restriction will facilitate both water and fat loss as your system will be expelling sodium which causes water retention and weight.
  • Lose Belly Fat.
  • Experience youthful vigour and energy.
  • Fight carcinogens that increase Cancer risks.
  • Drastically reduce bad cholesterol levels.
  • Finally, SAVE LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY on slimming pills and concoctions!!!

Furthermore, unlike our maiden “30 Green smoothies for flat belly, (see it here), this collection of recipes has smoothies that are not necessarily green in color…(for those who can’t stand green..Lols. me I prefer green, the greener the better. )

These smoothies are delicious, satisfying and healthy.

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