6 weeks Slim down Plan

6 weeks Slim down plan.


Happy New month people. It’s December and we are in our 4th week of the 6-week slim down plan. My ladies are gearing up to be in their sexiest form for the Christmas holidays.


We are following a targeted approach to be fit and shed excess weight. Emphasis is on the stomach region. I also know it’s the end of year season, you will be busy with activities (to our advantage) ensuring an increase in metabolism.

About 6 weeks slim down plan:

  • It is a “SLIM DOWN” plan which will run for 6 weeks.
  • It  involves the application of powerful weight loss fruits and vegetable to shrink FAT cells in a short period of time.
  • Focus is to boost metabolism and supercharge any slow body mechanism.
  • It will target BELLY FAT and help you lose weight efficiently.
  • It is broken down into 6 weekly FOCUS. Each week will major on using a particular weight loss food for 7days of the week.
  • No harmful substance will be used. Natural foods and vegetables.

It’s totally FREE for all our EBOOK subscribers, and I hope you take advantage of this end of year weight loss plan to achieve your desired weight. If you are yet to become a subscriber, all you need do is buy a copy of our Weight loss e-book and become eligible to receive our monthly plans and programs.

If for any reason you can’t join the plan, you can still get the complete manual and have for keeps. Remember after the holidays, you definitely would need to shed extra weight gathered during the break. I will most assuredly need it because I tend to let my guards down and enjoy rice and stew very plenty.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance





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