About our Services

Weight loss Made Easy Nigeria offers a wide range of weight loss programs and services for the average Nigerian woman.

List of services include :

Personal Coaching:
We work with you personally to customize a suitable weight loss plan. Losing weight should not be too complicated. All you need is a smart game plan, consistency and hard work. You can join our “28DAY BODY RESET PROGRAM”. This program is guaranteed to make you lose 5-15kg in 28days.
This offer includes:
Goal setting
Food and Water tracking
Exercise scheduling
Meal planning
Metabolism boosters
Hunger suppressants
Weekly Check-in
24-hr Support

Group Coaching:
Group trainings are also available for group of women who have the same weight loss goals. This service is particularly helpful for those who need accountability partners to further motivate them in staying on track. You also meet other people who have lost weight successfully using same protocols.

Weight Loss Books:
Not yet ready for a personal coaching experience? you can get any of our best selling weight loss books. Highly affordable and written in simple English with lots of pictorial illustrations for easy understanding. Some of them include:
Weight Loss Made Easy
W.L.M.Easy workbook
“30 Flat belly smoothies”

We provide customized and personalized weight loss solutions to suit your preference, Pocket and lifestyle. Our methods are universally tested and trusted techniques. No need for expensive formulas that offer you no real result.. Work with us to get serious results in less than 30days. The founder of Weight Loss Made Easy Nigeria Promise Okonkwo is passionate and dedicated to helping Nigerian women reclaim their sexy bodies back!

For more information, contact us for a free session to determine how best to help you. Any questions you have, we would love to answer. Don’t hesitate, We would love to be a part of your success story.

Weight loss is indeed possible to those that BELIEVE. Cheers.