About Promise Okonkwo

Helloooo, My name is Promise Okonkwo,  I’m the founder of Weight Loss Made Easy Nigeria. I ventured into weight loss services after I successfully lost more than 25kg naturally. There was a whole lot of trial and error and I tell you it’s not a funny experience. But I eventually figured it out. You can read my weight loss story.

To teach and help women achieve a successful weight loss experience, I underwent series of trainings and certifications to become a certified weight management and diet specialist.

With my professional qualification and personal  weight loss experience, I published my maiden book Weight loss made easy. This book separates the truth from various lies and myths being promoted and widely circulated as “instant weight loss ” to the detriment of our vital organs such as the kidney, liver, pancreas and so on. Only the truth can really set us free.

I have also written and published other practical books on weight loss, you can see some of them Here.

With the positive feedback from women who bought some of the books, I integrated private one on one coaching with awesome results. Check out some of our interesting testimonials.

I have come to realize that one of the greatest challenge being faced by women who want to lose weight is Time.

No Time to prepare healthy meals,

Inadequate time to exercise,

Insufficient time to get rest.

Way Forward..

What if you are presented with scientifically backed:
Weight loss Meal plans
Time conscious easy exercises
Relaxation techniques
Weight loss tools
Straight to the point weight loss plans
As well as Support to keep you on track?

This is what I offer you. An affordable opportunity to lose weight without the stress of losing weight. It could be through :

Private Coaching
Executive Coaching
Weight loss workshops
Weight loss books
Weight loss support

Ps: Promise Okonkwo is also a market woman at idumota lagos island where she jointly runs their family business with her partner in crime Bro mike.

I’d really love to be a part of your weight loss story. Feel free to look around, there’s something for everyone.


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