Painful Bloating? Causes and 7 powerful remedies.

Are you feeling BLOATED?

Stomach bloating occurs when the gastrointestinal (GI) tract is filled with air or gas. You know the feeling full sign, tightness and protruding belly? Yes that’s it!


Your belly in addition to swelling (distended) can also be hard, and painful. Then the excessive  gas (messing as we call it) frequent burping or belching, abdominal rumbling or noise (this one can embarrass😩).

What are the causes and natural remedies?

“Dont allow bloating spoil your shine.”


“Gas is the most common cause of BLOATING!”


Gas is the most common cause of bloating. Various ways we trap air in the stomach includes eating too fast, undigested food, sipping drinks, eating large amounts of food at once. • Ulcer • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Stress • Food intolerance like milk • Menstruation • Lack of physical exercise • Constipation • Anxiety or depression • And other medical conditions or medications. This list is not exhaustive but covers the major known causes of Stomach bloating.

Now to the moment we got here in the first place..


1. Elimination: The first step would be to identify your unique cause or trigger. From the list above, if you can identify yours, you are halfway to the solution by just eliminating the causor 😊. (Is there even a word like that?)

2. Medication : Antacids, ulcer meds, antibiotics, antidepressants. The medication depends on the particular symptom involved.

3. Exercise : bloating caused by inactivity is instantly reversed as soon as you take a walk or run. Some home exercises like squats and skipping is also useful. Get our powerful 15mins per day home exercise guide HERE.

4. Sipping on hot water and a pinch of salt can also push the air out. 

5. Rubbing or lightly massaging the belly will help move air out.

6. Ginger tea is also beneficial and acts fast too. See how to prepare your own HERE.

7. PRO-TEATOX HERBAL WEIGHT LOSS TEA. A NATURAL blend of herbs and spices guaranteed to burn excess FAT from the body especially the Stomach. It contains Ginger, cloves, basil, citrus and Co to help debloat the belly and eliminate Gas fast. It also boosts metabolism which in turn increases digestion of food faster. That way indigestion is eliminated. Food will no longer stay for long periods generating bad bacteria upandan.

Now you know about Causes and remedies of bloating, you are better equipped to tackle it. Don’t allow it to spoil your shine. Get your ➡️PRO-TEATOX TEA today and thank me later. 

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