Calories? How much can I eat daily?

Our bodies need Food (Energy/calories) to carry out daily functions like blood circulation, brain function, thermogenesis, breathing, digestion, moving about etc.

The body demands more when physical activity level increases while less is required when activity reduces. Here emphasis is on “PHYSICAL”.

Your body cannot automatically tell you it doesn’t need more. What it does is to convert the excess carb into fat and stores it away nicely all over the body. Wherever you have fat tissues, it will deposit some amount of Fat like the face, arms, thighs, breasts, bumbum ETC. The stomach is a thick Rugged structure, which means it has the ability to expand to accommodate as much as you can eat. In the same way it can contract or Shrink to become smaller.

The purpose of this Fat storage is to have emergency or reserved energy during Famine or period of no Food. In such instance, it converts Fat as energy and the person survives a long period of food shortage. This is the NATURAL system of our Body.

Understanding How it works

On an Average, Women need less than 1800 calories daily while men need a little bit more about 2000.

Let’s be practical now.
1 super pack indomie : 600 calories
2 fried eggs : 184 calories
1 cup chocolate drink : 174 calories
Total : 958 calories.

For only breakfast 958, so when you add fried plantain to the equation, we have about 1,000 calories in a meal.

Add lunch..

Add dinner..

Total for the day will hit 3,000. I’m being as modest as possible.

If you are physically active, your body will use 1800 and store 1200.

If you are not active, your body will use less than 1500 and store almost 1500.

All these daily excesses of 1,200 and 1,500 multiplied by days and days of inactivity will explain to you why your Jean don’t fit anymore. Imagine when you are now eating more than 3times daily.

I was seeing funny funny recipes people have been eating this Lockdown. From frying garri+butter to drinking semo + milk and all in a bid to cure boredom. It’s great for the kids because they play with so much energy round the clock, burning up the candies and cakes and everything in between. But for Adults.. Not GOOD!

Understanding calories in and out will help you practice mindful eating. Remember, whatever you eat either helps you or destroys your goals.

Reduce Calories to lose weight

There’s really no magic treatment for weight loss, unless you’ve been saving up for liposuction.

It is possible to reduce Calories without hunger. Learn the rules of the game, so you can beat it.

Sample meal plan :


2 slices bread  1 boiled egg  1tbsp mayonnaise  1 large fresh tomato  ½ tsp back pepper  Cucumber slices  1 cup green/black tea CALORIES: 340


Yam & spinach OR fluted pumpkin leaves (ugu)  CALORIES: 298


Cabbage and banana

 1 cup yoghurt/milk
 a cup sliced cabbage
 2 pcs banana
Blend all together and
drink fresh.

Daily total including snack options is about 1200 calories. Compare it with the regular daily total of 3,000 calories and see deficit created for fat loss.

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