Carrot and Cucumber smoothie

Carrot cucumber smoothie is HEALTHY, NOURISHING and satisfying. Lose weight effortlessly with this nutrient dense recipe.

Carrot and Cucumber smoothie


1 small cucumber
2 medium bananas
2 inch ginger (perfect for the weather)
1tsp cayenne pepper (optional)
1 tbsp lime juice
3 baby carrots
1 cup milk
1 handful waterleaf

Preparation :
Wash your fruits and vegetables properly. This is necessary to remove all germs and dirt.

If using a low powered blender, First of all blend the diced carrots and waterleaf with a cup of water.

Next, Add ginger and Cucumber to the mix and blend again. Sprinkle in the cayenne pepper for more warmth. By now everything is nicely blended.

Add lastly the banana and milk and blend till smooth. This way you have a smooth lump free smoothie.

If using a high powered blender, throw in everything at once and fire on. Blend till smooth.

The blending process automatically warms the smoothie. Drink fresh or pour into a thermal flask to retain warmth due to the cold weather. During the summer or sunny days, you can add ice to cool down.

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