Not losing weight? See 5 reasons why

5 reasons you still are not losing weight.

It’s a common question I get all the time. Promise, I’ve done everything I know, why am I not losing weight?

You see, a lot of misconceptions and wrong or incomplete info abound online or offline. Do this, drink that. But are you told the reason or how it works to get best results? A whole lot of reasons could be responsible, so let me share with you 5 simple reasons you are not getting results. If you identify with any reason and make appropriate changes, you will start to see results faster.
Are you ready? Let’s go!

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5 Weight Loss Questions Answered

Hi guys,
Welcome to another buriful buriful week. #winks#. My weekend was upsome (according to our Ibadan friends). Hope we are doing great!
In my just concluded 28- day weight loss boot camp for the month of February 2017, a lot of questions came up. In fact, my eyes were opened to another side of this my “calling”. Continue reading 5 Weight Loss Questions Answered