Carrot and Garden egg stir fry with dryfish

Carrot and Garden egg stir fry with dryfish.

Carrots are Low in calories and full of fibre, making them one superfood for weight loss. This ensures you can eat lots of it without fear as well as keeping your belly full for longer periods.

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Fat melting Zobo Smoothie

Zobo Smoothie

Zobo Smoothie is an excellent Fat melting drink due to its natural and powerful ingredients. It is also called hibiscus flower drink used as a base for this smoothie. Weight loss Smoothies are easy ways to lose weight without stress. This recipe is best for people that are lactose intolerant ie, people who can’t tolerate milk or milk products. It also is appealing to the eyes for those who can’t stand green colored smoothies which by the way is filled with antioxidants to renew youth, lose weight and live free from diseases.

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Recipe 2 Flat Belly Night drink


Hi, guys and girls, hope our First week’s recipe turned out great (see it here)? I got some positive feedback and some shared their pictures too! Nice one.


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21day Health and Fitness plan

21day Health and fitness plan

Hey guys,
Welcome to the brand new month of September. New goals, New possibilities, New beginnings.

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Unripe Plantain recipe for Weight loss


Everybody loves ripe plantain. Well most people do because of its sweet taste. Whether fried, roasted, or boiled, its addition to any meal makes the meal more palatable and interesting. Could the same be said for it in it’s unripe state?
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