Cold and Flu home remedy


Cold and Flu home remedy.

As the weather is doing some how, get relief or Prevention from cold, cough and catarrh.


🔸Ginger (1 Big stem) sliced.
🔸4-5 pcs garlic sliced
🔸1 tbsp lemon juice

Wash your ingredients, slice and add to 2cups already boiling water. Cover pan or pot and simmer on low heat for 3mins.

Bring down from fire and sieve into cup. Allow to cool a bit and sip. You can add honey for a sweet taste.

1 cup morning and night. For 3days.

This remedy breaks down chesty cough and clears congestion of breath passage. You can also inhale the steam on fire for faster action. It also contains Vit C (lemon🍋) to boost recovery and immune system.

But do you know you can also use this remedy for dissolving BELLY FAT? Ehen you are now listening .

Same preparation and dosage, but skip the honey to reap the full flat belly and weight loss effects.

It is also very safe for ulcer patients too. Boiling the garlic reduces the sulphur reaction that causes irritation.
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