Dieting with stomach ulcer ebook.

Dieting with stomach ulcer e-book.

stomach ulcer e-book

First of all, stomach Ulcer is an injury to the lining of the stomach, intestines or oesophagus. Different types exists based on the location like:

Duodenal ulcers

Gastric ulcers

Peptic ulcers and oesophageal ulcers

Studies have shown that major causes of this injury include:

-The bacteria Helicobacter pylori.


-Bad diet

and other less known factors.

It is also a known fact that having an empty stomach increases the fiery symptoms. Eating provides temporary relief, so many ulcer patients depend on food to live a pain or medication free life. How then can you now tell this person to DIET??..

The general misconception about dieting to lose weight is STARVATION. People don’t want to starve to lose weight not to talk of starving with extra ulcer pain to lose weight.

Secondly, some weight loss power foods actually aggravate symptoms of Ulcer. Does it then mean you can’t use it like others? The answer is YES and NO. YES, if you know the right way to use it. NO, if you don’t know how to use it.

This e-book “DIETING WITH STOMACH ULCER“, is a customised and special weight loss plan for people with stomach ULCER who want to lose weight without worsening an already difficult situation. It discusses  how you can manage ulcer complications while achieving the weight or flat belly of your dreams.

It modifies natural weight loss plans to become more suitable for you. There are several ways and different methods to lose weight, but if you have this condition, NOT all plans are safe for you. This is why most people living with stomach ulcers keep yo-yoing in weight. They begin a plan, and stop midway without getting full results.

This customised plan can also assist you in naturally healing your stomach problems in the long run. This plan meanwhile does not replace any medication you are taking currently. Before embarking on any weight loss plan, consult your Doctor.


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