A lot of us still struggle with having a flatter belly. To some, even after losing weight, they still have this challenge. Many things could be responsible like;

1. Bloating: This arises most times due to stomach/digestive problems like constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcer, indigestion etc.

2. Stretched stomach muscles: During pregnancy, sometimes the stomach muscles stretch beyond a limit that makes it difficult to come back to its original state. Here some women believe its due to c-section that robbed them the opportunity of hot water massage that is to blame. If that be the case, what of vaginally delivered mothers that have the same complain? Who should take the blame?

3. Another factor is SUDDEN weight loss. Many things and methods are available online preaching INSTANT or overnight weightloss. When it happens suddenly, the skin most times loses elasticity which results in LOTS of sagging skin especially around the belly. To avoid this problem, healthy weight loss should be followed to ensure a gradual reduction. It will give the skin time to gradually shrink to its former state.

4. Excess body Fat: Being overweight as we all know is the major reason for a big belly. When you lose weight healthily, you are able to also lose belly fat easily.

There are lot’s of ways to correct this problem but today we will look at FLAT BELLY NIGHT DRINK.


1 big cucumber ( i like it big)
1 handful scent leaves
1 tbsp lime juice
1 tbsp grated ginger
2 cups of water ( 1 cup for a small sized cucumber)


Wash items thoroughly and blend properly, sieve out chaff and drink last thing at night before sleep.

This is a powerful drink due to its ingredients. They all contain fat burning properties.

Cucumber is a natural diuretic that helps flush out excess body sodium which in turn shrinks fat cells.

Lime, ginger and scent leaves also boosts metabolism which in turn burns fat faster.

Having an early dinner so your stomach will be empty before bedtime ensures it is readily absorbed into the blood, this gives you maximum effect.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle generally will help prevent us from having dangerous life threatening sicknesses in the future. Our weight loss made easy ebook is a 3-step plan that will help you lose weight healthily. 

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Medical disclaimer: This drink does not replace any medication. If you have any underlying health problem, please consult your doctor before drinking.


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    1. Hello Christie,
      It’s for one serving. You can double the ingredients for 2 servings. Refrigerate the left over for next evening’s dose.

    1. 5 servings is a big batch, so increase the ingredients by 3. Add more water too. Better still, make it batch by batch unless you have a very big blender.

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