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  • Type: Private Online Group Coaching.
  • Fee : N10,000
  • Early bird offer : N5,000
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April 1-30th

Let’s come together and lose weight as a group. Exciting prizes to be won🥇 🥈🥉. It’s going to be a fun and interesting one of its kind challenge💃🏻💃🏻.   

I’m focusing on a particular category this edition . Individuals who are 100kg and above⬆️. I totally understand your frustration because you work the hardest, eat the smallest, go from one diet to the other BUT NO RESULT😢😢.
At times you fast non stop, have little energy because you barely eat enough and still ..NOTHING TO SHOW for it.

Do you know, your problem is not your making? There are hormonal issues wrong, if you don’t correct it, you’ll continue to be frustrated. 

The objective of this challenge is to RESET YOUR BODY’S ability to efficiently resume Fat Loss. Most times, pregnancy and child bearing activates the onset of hormonal and metabolic problems even though there are exceptions to this rule. 

Hormonal imbalance


– [ ] What is hormonal imbalance? Symptoms and manifestations. 

– [ ] Particular Hormonal problems preventing you from losing weight. Some are natural causes while some are man made. Yes, we cause some of them too by what we eat or drink.

– [ ] Overcoming stress eating.

– [ ] Crushing your cravings for unhealthy foods. 1 simple hack you can do daily to quench your voracious appetite.

– [ ] How to Boost your sluggish metabolism to ensure 24-7 Fat burn🔥 

– [ ] Diet evaluation 

– [ ] Nutritional advice 

– [ ] Meal replacement strategies 

Question and Answer sessions :

The interactive Q&A sessions after each teaching gives you ample opportunity to ask your questions or share your concerns .

Now this challenge is structured in a way to ensure ACCOUNTABILITY. You’ll have your daily tasks, goals and reminders. Tools, checklists and tip to keep you focused. It will be impossible for you not to see results . I’m telling you.


This customised quiz will help narrow down the best weight loss plan for you because we are all different. Many factors determine how our body responds to weight loss plans.


As a group of people with same goals and objectives, we support each other and make sure none is left behind. Share in the good times, celebrate wins and losses, laugh together, cheer each other and rise by lifting others.


That’s not all!! We are also going to be having well curated, appropriate and safe routines under strict monitoring for faster results.


For the love of smoothies, I’ll be sharing my most effective weight loss smoothie recipes, and our “Perfect smoothie” mini course. Allow me introduce you to my world of life giving smoothies.


In addition to you losing weight, which is the main GOAL 🎯 of the challenge , we will be having Prizes for the following categories to motivate you more and more:


✅Highest attendance for live sessions.

✅Daily task completion .

✅Biggest loser in weight.

✅Biggest loser in waist circumference .

ACTION focused…RESULT oriented.

You can’t go through this challenge and  remain the same. It promises to get you FITTER, SLIMMER and HEALTHIER in 30days. 

To enable me keep an eye on every participant for the period in view, I can only accept a limited number of people. I don’t want it to be the usual full house event with little impact.


✅You must be willing to put in the hard work.

✅ You must be 100kg and above. A slight adjustment for people who want to lose up to 20kg but are not up to 100kg. 

✅ Entrance Fee of N5,000 if you pay NOW. N10,000 after the deadline .

✅ You must be Kind and considerate of fellow participants.

✅Finally, you must not be in a hurry. It is not a SHARP SHARP program.

The group is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. Working very hard to keep your privacy. Everything remains in the group. You cannot lift anything because it is 100%secured. Any attempt to undermine efforts in keeping the place safe will be appropriately taken care of.

We just want to lose weight, connect, socialize, make meaningful relationships and be Happy.

Take advantage of Early bird promo and Pay N5,000 before dealine of March 31st. From April 01, price goes up to N10,000.

For now, just get ready to Lose weight.

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