How to start your food journal

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I talked about different reasons why you should start or have a food journal. The importance cannot be over emphasized, if you have a weight loss goal then its highly important you start one. It is one of the “must have” weight loss tools for every beginner..If you missed it, read it HERE

Having discussed WHY we need to journal our food, the next step is HOW to write or go about it.
All you need is your ruler, writing pencil, journal or diary. Shikena!

Components of a food journal.
For a food journal to be comprehensive and useful, the following fields should be included.
1. Date
2. Quantity of food.
3. Type or class of food.
4. Emotions: how did you feel after eating? Satisfied, Hungry, guilty etc.
5. Water
6. Snacks.
7. Time of meal
8. Total calories for the day.
Having the above fields correctly entered will help you adjust your actions or streamline your efforts for an effective weight loss plan.

Better still, click here to get a printable weekly journal to help you begin.

Printable weekly food journal

Exercise journal

Over 200 food content and calories

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