Lose weight with Cucumber

The Cucumber vegetable comes from the family of pumpkins and contain about 90% water.
It contains essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants like Vitamin A, C, and E which help cleanse the body from accumulated toxins.

1 cup of diced cucumber contains less than 15 calories with 0 fat or cholesterol. This is why it is one of my favourite weight loss foods. It works in several ways to help you achieve your dream body as well as a Flat belly.

  1. Fibre in cucumbers help to facilitate regular bowel movements which eliminates waste and reduce stomach bloating.
  2. Since it consists of more than 90% water, it is extremely low in calories which means you can eat it a lot without fear of gaining weight. In fact, it fills up your stomach with so little calories.
  3. Tartrate acid in this vegetable with the high water content increases energy and boosts metabolism helping the body convert stored fat to energy.
  4. The diuretic properties of cucumber also help the body expel excess water weight by cleansing the body cells of excess sodium and uric acid.

There are several ways to incorporate this wonderful vegetable into our daily diet for a successful weight loss plan.

  1. Cucumbers can be enjoyed alone as a refreshing midday snack with handful of groundnuts or dipped in peanut butter (blended groundnut, crayfish and pepper).
  2. It can be prepared with tomatoes, pepper, onions, carrots, lettuce and egg for a healthy satisfying salad meal with minimal dressing.cucumber-salad
  3. Use it to prepare a sandwich filling for your lunch or breakfast.cucumber-sandwich
  4. Enjoy with milk or low-fat yoghurt to have a healthy light meal.

5. It is a key ingredient in our night time FLAT BELLY drink for weight loss. See some recipes here.

6. Finally use it for delicious weight loss smoothies

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  1. Simple and straight to the point. Now I can eat as much cucumber as I want knowing it’s health benefits. Lovely post

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