Lose Weight with PROMISE®

Lose Weight with PROMISE®- Your Personalised weight loss experience!


This is an online no-judgemental Nutrition and weight loss plan designed to help you lose weight and keep you fit permanently. Are you surprised I said “permanently”? continue reading to find out how.

Most times, the reason we keep struggling with weight gain or loss is not necessarily because we don’t know what and what not to do, but because there are series of underlying conditions that stand in our way of success. This is the reason I judge you not. Some things are just beyond your control.

When these obstacles hindering us are not taken care of, we continue moving about in circles. We keep trying different diets and plans all to no avail. You see it working for others and wonder why your case is different. The sad thing about moving in circles is the fact movement actually occurs, but not in a linear direction. Instead of moving us from point A to B, we keep going round Point A. At this stage, we become frustrated, discouraged and depressed. We throw in the towel and conclude we are all not meant to be slim. Hold on to that thought while I quickly introduce myself.

My name is Promise Okonkwo, I’m an entrepreneur, author, Founder of Weight loss made easy Nigeria and a certified weight management specialist. Having lost a lot of weight (read my story) I became passionate about helping individuals especially mothers regain their bodies back after child bearing. My trainings and specializations have helped me successfully work with lots of overweight women.

Are you constantly struggling with fatigue and lack of energy?

Have you tried multiple plans and diets without success?

Do you consider weight loss a difficult or impossible task?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, this program is for you.

How does it work?

Lose Weight with PROMISE® is an online slimming plan divided into 4 phases.

  1.  Assessment phase: To solve a problem, we have to determine the root cause and to do this, you will undergo series of assessments with the use of our sophisticated collection of questionnaires. Don’t worry, it has been simplified for best user experience.
  2. Discovery phase: I struggled in my journey of weight loss due to ulcer complications. I never knew it had a lot to do with my inability to lose weight. The moment I discovered it was my unique trigger, it became soooo easy afterwards. This is what we intend to help you achieve in this stage. Mine was ulcer, yours could be anything from emotional, physical or health conditions.
  3. Resolution phase: Taking care of the ulcer complications went a long way in making my journey smooth. This phase proffer various solutions to your unique stressor. This is where we customise a workable plan you will embark on to lasting weight loss.
  4.  Freedom phase: Congratulations is in order. From here onward, you start to enjoy the process of losing weight. it’s no longer a herculean task, for you have successfully dealt with the Goliath that stands in your way and have understood the science behind burning FAT. You also enjoy;
  • Bonus free weight loss made easy ebook (valued @ N5,000)
  • 24hr support system
  • Weekly meal plans
  • Simple home Exercise routines
  • Metabolism boosters
  • Lifestyle adjustment plan
  • Meal replacement techniques and so much more.

In summary, we become your nutritionist, fitness instructor, motivator and support system. I promise to hold your hand all the way. You no longer have to do it alone.

Program fee:

One time fee of N10,000 only.

Click for Payment details .

Remember it’s a personal plan. An individual weight loss experience. No judging, no beating about the bush, a straight forward plan to help you burn unwanted and stubborn fat.

5 reasons you need this plan:

  1. Lose weight with ease
  2. Increase energy levels to facilitate Fat burn
  3. Lose Belly Fat
  4. Inexpensive, save lots of money
  5. Simple, easy to follow laid out plan.






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