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Vegetables and weight loss

Vegetables are very important for a healthy life, it becomes even more important as part of a weight loss plan. Having a wide variety provides most of the nutrients you need to be healthy as long as you eat it daily.

A diet rich in vegetables aside helping you lose lots of weight can also :
1. Improve digestion
2. Reduce excess blood sugar
3. Improve blood circulation
4. Reduce blood cholesterol
5. Improve metabolism
6. Reduce greatly risks of stroke and some cancers.

Now we know all these facts, how do we increase our intake to enjoy all the amazing benefits of vegetables?

1. Cook at home: It’s very difficult having enough vegetables when you eat out. Most fast foods Or eateries barely serve recommend daily serving. Even when they do, it’s expensive. So your best bet is to buy from your local market, prepare and refrigerate in sizable portion. Or you buy and prepare fresh making sure you have a vegetable dish at least once a day.

2. Don’t be afraid to try variety. Mix things up like salad, stir fry, vegetable sauce or soup. We are blessed so much with a variety of nourishing vegetables so go ahead and make your choice.

3. Green smoothies are healthy blends of fruits and vegetables with so much health and weight loss benefits. Buy a copy of our FLAT belly smoothies to learn more.

4. If you rather want a straight forward meal plan consisting of lots of fruits, vegetables and healthy starch portions to achieve your weight loss goals then sign up for our 21day Health and fitness program to adjust your feeding plan positively and get rid of excess body fat. Checkout
21day Health and fitness plan

Your turn, how do you plan to increase your vegetable consumption daily?



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