Why you need a Detox- 5 Awesome benefits


DETOX or DETOXIFICATION is simply the removal of toxins or toxic chemicals from a substance or in this case, our body.

Living in an industrial🌆 or commercial state 🌃such as Lagos state, exposes one to everyday pollution from car fumes🚌🚖, generator fumes🌋, cigarette smoke🚬, factory wastes ⚠, dust and so on. When the body is filled with such unhealthy and toxic substances, a lot of things go horribly wrong.

It can lead to👇:
Respiratory problems
Sleeping problems
Oxidative stress
High Blood pressure
Digestive problems
Skin breakout
Weight gain
Low immunity etc.

One of the ways we can reverse the negative effects of pollution and toxic deposits in our body is through occasional DETOX diet.

5 Detox Benefits include:

1. Detoxify specific organs, such as your liver, kidneys or colon for optimal performance. Even if your liver, kidneys, and other organs are in healthy working order, your body may still be storing more toxins than you realize. A detox is a great way to get rid of those toxins and help your internal organs to their job more effectively.

2. Improve digestive conditions: During detox, the body organs take a break from digesting heavy meals. They are able to revitalize and renew their strength for optimal performance.

3. Clear skin pores and breakouts as the body expels toxins which causes different skin problems as pimples, and oil buildup.

4. Lose belly fat and weight: Detox and weight loss goes hand in hand. During this period, the body is expelling excess sodium which causes water retention. This process literally translates to weight loss. Weight loss improves energy levels which also boosts metabolism for fat burning.

5. Reverse Aging process: When your skin and hair looks brighter and shinier, your belly becomes flatter and firm, energy levels increase bringing back that spring in your steps..Trust me, you’ll look 20yrs younger. 😎💃

If you are interested in enjoying these and more Awesome benefits of detox, I recommend you get a copy of my 35 juicing recipes for flat belly ebook📗. It also has a 7day juice detox plan which can be extended to 14 or 21days for long lasting benefits.

Lose belly fat
Look younger
Improve digestive conditions
Renew your strength
Maintain weight loss
Reduce cancer risk.

Some people are asking..
1. I have ulcer, is it safe for me?
Answer :Yes , it is.I carefully considered different health conditions with adjustments for such. If you have any underlying health problems which was not mentioned in the ebook, you can always send a message for clarification.

2. How do I get the book?
It’s an electronic 📗book. Send an  e-mail After payment to promisetutu@gmail.com for confirmation. It will be delivered straight to your inbox 📧or email address you provide. From there you can download to your mobile device📲. No need for internet connection to read over and over again.

Get it Here for N3,000 

3. Are you sure it will work?
Yes it will. Having various weight management certifications from world renowned health academies, I am well equipped to help. I hate to brag, but I sabi this work. The question is, are you willing and obedient?

Ps: Only fruits 🍎🍉🍍and vegetables 🍃🌿🌱are used in the ebook and detox plan. No harmful substance.
💯% Natural
💯% Nigerian

For any enquiry, fears or concern,  Contact me personally HERE.

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