Why you need a weight loss coach.

Hey guys and girls..it’s your coach, Teacher Promise.

As a reminder of what I do, I help people lose excess fat. I do that by coaching my clients on how best to achieve their ideal weight with ease.

A lot of people still find it strange having a personal wellness coach or teacher as the case may be, so I’ll share with us today 5 reasons we need to have one.

1. Time :
Thank God for smartphones. Everyone has access to the internet especially Google to search for anything and everything. In less than 60seconds, you’d be amazed at millions of results that come up. Inside those results lie the answer to your problem. Like they say, time is money. Do you have enough time amidst your everyday hustle and bustle to really really get the information you need? Save yourself time and money by engaging the services of a specialist ( Teacher Promise) to help you in record time.

2. Professionalism:

“Study to show yourself approved, a workman not ashamed of  the truth…(2 Tim 2:15)”

Being a certified weight management specialist gives my client that edge over random trial and error methods available online or offline. You work with someone who is able to separate correct information from the multitude of data flying up and down in your quest for a slimmer version of you.

3. Personalised experience: In this journey to weight loss, one shoe does not fit all. What works for A May not work for B. Different people with different bodies. Some with low metabolism, others with high metabolism. Having your personal “coachee”exposes  you to various techniques which combat your challenge or stumbling block.

4. Accountability: 6 out of every 10 women who start out on a diet plan stop due to lack of accountability partners. They are not self motivated to continue on their own. When you have someone encouraging, motivating and guiding you back on track when you derail goes a long way in getting you to your final bus stop.

5. Finally, being overweight at a point in my life helps me understand the pains and struggle of my fellow women. I can say from experience how frustrating it can be trying to get something and it’s not just working (read my story here). Then the fact that women are so secretive about their weight challenge is something else. When you see someone making progress and ask “are you on a diet?” They quickly answer “No oo.., it’s stress!” I’m now like “Really..stress..ok”. If not for tools on this site that track visitors, (so I know this post has been read by a lot of people) most women will sneak in, read the information and sneak out leaving no trace. Loool..

But when you have your personal weight coach, that fear of opening yourself to another human being is no longer there. You don’t need to be sneaking up and down. My clients know their journey is confidential so will yours be if you come on board.

At the end of the day, my joy is to help as many women as possible break their bad weight habits, show them the right direction and equip them with correct information to lose excess fat.


If you’d like me to help you, Contact me privately here, or comment on the challenge stopping you from moving forward.

I’d love to be a part of your success story.





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4 Replies to “Why you need a weight loss coach.”

  1. Dear Tisha Promise,
    Thanks for all ur epp mana my major stumbling block is ‘umawa’ na ‘akpiri’. Hw can u epp my ministry pls esp d former?
    Onye nwe anyi gba gu ume 😍😍

    1. Loooool, thanks for stopping by, “omalicha survee”. I guess you mean laziness when you say “umawa” or do you mean nonchalant attitude?

      Akpiri=long throat. Understanding the dangers of being overweight will help you become more aware of your food choices while benefits of having a healthy weight will outweigh your immediate gratification.

      Get a copy of our e-book to equip yourself with lots of information that is bound to keep you on track.

      Lots of love.

  2. Hello my name is Aiyedogbon I’m in my early 30s, the last time I checked my weight it was 85kg that was about several months ago, I can’t say what I weigh now. I’m feel so uncomfortable with my weight and I need serious help as at now I can’t bend down to buckle my shoe kindly help please.

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