Not losing weight? See 5 reasons why

5 reasons you still are not losing weight.

It’s a common question I get all the time. Promise, I’ve done everything I know, why am I not losing weight?

You see, a lot of misconceptions and wrong or incomplete info abound online or offline. Do this, drink that. But are you told the reason or how it works to get best results? A whole lot of reasons could be responsible, so let me share with you 5 simple reasons you are not getting results. If you identify with any reason and make appropriate changes, you will start to see results faster.
Are you ready? Let’s go!

  • You are still eating way too much calories more than your body needs daily. The average female adult requires about 2000-2200kcal for daily body activities. If you eat more than that, it is converted to fat and stored away in the various parts of the body. For office workers who do more of brain work than physical work like lifting or carrying heavy stuff around, they even require less. Do you know how much you are eating daily? Track your meals using this free journal to start. You can also record your meals in a diary just to give you an idea of how much. If you can measure how much calories you consume, it’s easy to adjust for weight loss. Eating more than your daily calories = weight gain. Eating less than your daily calories = weight loss.
  • Ignorance of food Calorie values. We have ascertained eating more or less than our daily Calorie need has a direct impact on our weight, but do you know the Calorie value of foods and drinks we consume daily? See our common food and drink Calorie E-book to help you calculate your daily intake of food and drinks. Someone once told me she eats once a day, so why is she not losing weight. Looking at what she ate in that one seating was enough to feed 2 healthy adults. So it’s not how many times you eat a day, but the Calorie content of the meal. I could eat 3ce a day and still eat less than 1800 calories total for the day. Checkout our 21day fat flush plan. It has a 21 day meal plan all less than 1500 calories daily using low Calorie foods that still keep you full and satisfied as you lose weight.

Low fiber intake. Numerous studies on fiber has proven beyond doubt its importance for a healthier life as well as weight loss. Many people still consume less fiber than the daily recommended amount. According to W. H. O, 21-30 grams per day for adult women and men 30-38g per day. Well in reality, we are eating less than 15g daily. To get the recommended dose, have up to 5 servings a day. Easy ways to increase fiber intake is to have a vegetable serving with each meal and eating fruits for snacks. Weight loss smoothies contained here will also help you easily have your complete daily fiber requirement in a meal.

Lack of physical activities or exercise. Exercise is a complete prescription pill for weight loss. It is a stand alone weight loss method. The standard recommendation is 75mins intense activity weekly or 150 minutes of moderate activity weekly. If you not having any exercise schedule with adequate time spent on each, don’t bother wondering why you are not losing weight. Get your FULL BODY INTENSE WORKOUT guide for qualitative result in no time.

Inconsistency: Success is a sum up of consistent little efforts over a period of time. Do not despise the days of humble beginnings. Never give up. As far as you are following the right information which is what I try to give on this site.

It takes 4weeks for you to start noticing results and 6-8weeks before people start noticing difference in you. So you see why you need to persevere. Forget about instant gimmicks being marketed all over. Follow the right, consistent part to success.

I don’t promise you it’ll be easy..there will be days you feel like giving up, don’t you even dare if you are tired of starting all over. Remember nothing good comes easy. This is why you need a coach cheering you on and picking you up when you fall. You may not get there if you do it on your own. Get our personal coaching plan here.

Now, other physiological factors may come into play, but taking these 5 reasons into consideration and adjusting where necessary will move the scale to a favorable number. Do you relate to any of the above? Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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