Transformational One-month Weight Loss Program

one month weight loss plan

This one-month weight loss personalized program comprises of a nutritional and exercise component designed to work in synergy to produce optimal fat burning.

Are you constantly struggling with fatigue and lack of energy?

Have you tried multiple plans and diets without success?

Do you consider weight loss a difficult or impossible task?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, this program is for you.

It’s a very frustrating feeling when you try all you can to lose weight but find yourself back at square one, In fact, square 0. Each new attempt at dieting leaves you even more frustrated than the last try.

This program has been packaged to give you a more personalized plan for effective results in less the time. To solve a problem, we have to determine the root cause and to do this, you will undergo series of assessments with the use of our sophisticated collection of questionnaires. Don’t worry, it has been simplified for best user experience.

What you’ll get for one-month

For a one time N20,000 payment, You’ll get the following:

👉Weight loss made easy ebook which will show you our 3-step proven technique for lasting weight loss. Costs N5,000.

👉One-month Exercise guide broken down into 4 weeks designed to progressively improve your fitness in the quickest time possible. Workouts are short, family-friendly and able to be completed in or around your home with minimal to no equipment. Costs 5,000.

👉Food Calories and journal to help you track your meals and feeding habit. It will show you a better picture of how much you are eating. Costs N3,000.

👉Bonus weight loss smoothie E-book compiled specifically for fast weight loss. It will also provide you with lots of options so you don’t get bored. Costs 5,000.

  • 24-hr Whats App support for any questions or concerns you may have. This service costs N10,000. In short, I’ll be your food doctor and fitness trainer for 4 weeks. You won’t forget the experience. Whatever you learn and start, you continue till you achieve your desired weight goal.

If you have lots of weight to lose, or you want to break that weight loss plateau you have remained for a long time, This is for you. Learn how to stop struggling with weight loss once and for all!

Program fee:

One time fee of N20,000 only.

Click for  Bank transfer details .

Remember it’s a personal one-month plan. An individual weight loss experience. No judging, no beating about the bush, a straight forward plan customised specially to suit your preferences and finally help you burn unwanted and stubborn fat.

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3 Replies to “Transformational One-month Weight Loss Program”

  1. Please my baby is 1 year and one month now and my tummy is like I am still pregnant. I lost my first baby with C’s then took in 4months for the one I’m carrying now . I need this please

    1. Hello Dorathy,
      Thanks for stopping by today. So sorry for your loss. Do you plan getting pregnant soon? If not, check your email for program details. We’ll love to have you on board.

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