5 Reasons you need a Food Journal

Happy new month people!!
I love new beginnings. It’s always another opportunity for me to assess past plans and then correct or improve them to get me closer to my final destination. That being said, I’d like to introduce us to one of my efficient and effective weight loss tools.

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Lose weight with OKRO

Sometime ago, a friend of mine called asking me where she could get one foreign exotic vegetable like that. I asked her what she wanted it for so badly, she told me she saw it on the net, it would make her lose weight!

Now, I certainly am not against searching for this “exotica”, but come on.. I believe we have our own indigenous fruits and vegetables that would help us lose weight naturally too, at ridiculously cheap prices.

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Most people don’t realize having a flat belly is more than a cosmetic goal. That is to say, lots of people want a flat belly to enable them fit into skinny jeans or dresses with ease.

But do you know that STOMACH Fat or Visceral Fat is more dangerous than having fat located at other parts of the body? Continue reading 5 TIPS FOR A FLAT BELLY

5 Reasons SUGAR is bad for you!

Ever heard the ibo saying, “ihe n’ato uto n’egbu egbu” (the sweet thing is also the killer)?
Sugar is bad for so many reasons, but for the purpose of Weight loss I’ll share just 5 Reasons why you need to say NO to sugar.

1. It has no vitamins or mineral. The sweet taste is just empty calories. Continue reading 5 Reasons SUGAR is bad for you!

Welcome! Welcome!!


My name is Promise Okonkwo and this site is dedicated to all Nigerian women on their quest for a slimmer version of themselves. I was once overweight and went through challenges facing overweight individuals. My greatest CHALLENGE was difficulty in physical and sexual functioning. As a mother, wife and career woman, it was so hard performing my duties and roles effectively.

I constantly experienced:
Low energy levels
Digestive related disorders
Loss of sexual appetite
General body weakness ETC.

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