Pepper Hands home remedies

Pepper is a wonderful natural ingredient🌶️🌶️. It makes food alive, spicy and healthy. Asides the food awakening element, it also serves as a body booster with the ability to burn fat as well.

But, sometimes pepper can pepper sha… Especially when you cut it with bare hands. Depending on the type of pepper, some can be easily washed off with soap while some are from the PIT OF HELLLL 👹☠️💥 and the pain lasts as long as 48hrs. Capsaicin is the fiery fire oil that penetrates the skin causing burning feeling.

Here is a list of what you can do to neutralise the BURN☠️💥.

Pepper Hands home remedies :

  1. Raw tomato 🍅juice can be applied on the hands as soon as you finish cutting to prevent the burn. Cucumber juice also does the same thing. (my love for Cucumber cannot die) 🥒
  2. In the absence of not using tomatoes, you can apply aloe Vera gel and wait for it to dry off before washing.
  3. Coconut🥥 oil can be applied generously to the affected area. Same as palm oil.
  4. Washing hands with any dish washing liquid that has superior grease removing agent.
  5. Fuel or PMS if available rubbed and allowed to dry. Do not go near any flammable till you wash your hands.
  6. Mixing lime or lemon 🍋juice in water and soaking your hands.
  7. Baking soda paste
  8. Tooth paste
  9. Scrub with salt and soap
  10. Mayonnaise

Now, some pepper burns are lighter than others. It depends on the type of pepper in question. All the above mentioned works better if left for a minimum of 30mins before washing off. You can also repeat application 2 or 3 times to completely neutralise pain.

To avoid the drama, wear handgloves or use Blender.

Don’t handle pepper and touch your face or nose or eye or scratch your nyash. Sometimes the pain begins after several hours of touching it. That means everywhere or every person touched go hear am. In fact it is just like a virus, if you haven’t experienced it, you may not understand.

Have you suffered pepper burns before? please share with us what you used in the comments.

Abeg let me cool down with this watermelon smoothie 🍉🍹🍸



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