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It’s a very frustrating feeling when you try all you can to lose weight but find yourself back at square one, In fact, square 0. Each new attempt at dieting leaves you even more frustrated than the last try. Does this sound familiar to you?

 Why you need a Weight Loss Coach.

A client wanted assurance that my diet plans would work as she had spent a lot trying to lose weight. After going through series of our customized questionnaires, we discovered she doesn’t sleep well at night. This was as a result of severe heart burn. Lack of sleep releases a stress hormone called cortisol. One of its modus operandi is to prevent the body from losing fat as a response to stress or stressful situations. No wonder one can be going through immense stress and yet looking very chubby. In other words,
Stress=weight gain.
As we successfully identified her problem, we worked together to correct her sleepless nights by modifying her eating habits to alleviate heart burn. Which in turn improved her sleep and in turn reversed the release of cortisol which in turn reduced her appetite naturally which finally led to a successful weight loss attempt. Please clap for teacher Promise👏👏👏👏. Thank you.
As a trained weight loss consultant, it’s part of my duty to help you identify why you are struggling with losing weight. I’m not talking about those in the “self deception” category that are not willing to make real lifestyle changes to lose weight. I mean people who are really struggling and have tried a lot without success.
Other reasons could also be sabotaging your efforts. Some medications have funny side effects hindering your success. Only the truth can set you FREE!
If you find yourself in this category or dilemma, it’s time for you to Stop doing trial and error. Let’s work together to identify your problem. Teacher Promise to the rescue.
When you join our 6weeks weight loss coaching, you can access this consultation. We also have various plans to combat different types of stubborn FAT. I tell you, some Fat can be stubborn😱.
Click HERE to tell me privately about your challenge. I’ll be happy to help.
Till then, do have a beautiful weekend.
Stay safe
Be healthy.

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