Powerful Basil tea for lowering High Blood pressure

Basil + garlic tea..

Basil tea

Nchuanwu(Igbo) or efinrin (Yoruba) as it is locally called has outstanding medicinal properties.

It is potent in reducing blood pressure, blood sugar and bad cholesterol levels.

It can also help relief bloating and help you digest your meals on time making it a superb detox and Flat belly tea. See other Flat belly recipes HERE

It also soothes stomach ulcers and stomach pain as well as a relief for stomach upset and haemorrhoids.

Scent leaf mixed with bitter leaf is used locally as an alternative tradional treatment for malaria and fever.

In combination with garlic, it relieves cough, cold, fevers and flu.

Both basil leaves and garlic has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

How to prepare Basil and garlic tea:

Get a small bunch or Handful of scent leaf, wash properly.

Put in a litre of water into a pot and bring to boil with 5-6 pieces of garlic for 10-15MINS. Allow to cool.

Take a cup, 2x daily until the condition improves.

It is a major ingredient in our PRO-TEATOX FLAT belly tea.

Garlic is a natural blood thinner and should be taken with caution if you are on any blood thining medication.

This tea does not replace any treatment. Consult with your doctor before starting this recipe.

Please, this tea should NOT TO BE TAKEN BY PREGNANT WOMEN .


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