Cucumber beef sauce

Cucumber beef sauce.


Eating a plant based diet has been shown to reduce the risk of high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes in addition to burning excess fat for a trim and healthy body.
Cucumber beef sauce is a healthy, fiber rich, plant based meal that increases your daily fiber intake for effective weight loss. It also is easy to make and time saving. It’s colourful, tasty and satisfying.

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Habits for effective weight loss

Habit is something you do regularly. Everyone who has successfully lost weight and kept it off in the long run can tell you they’ve been consistently doing some things or habits without fail to maintain the weight loss.

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Tigernut for weight loss


Tigernut is crunchy, sweet, nutty, filling and satisfying.

Drumroll please..🥁🥁🥁

If you are serious about losing weight this 2019, you need to include this weight loss super power food in your daily routine. You want to know why? Just stay with me for a sec.

Tigernut health benefits

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Unripe Plantain recipe for Weight loss


Everybody loves ripe plantain. Well most people do because of its sweet taste. Whether fried, roasted, or boiled, its addition to any meal makes the meal more palatable and interesting. Could the same be said for it in it’s unripe state?
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10 plant based Protein source in Nigeria

Proteins are necessary for body functions like growth, maintenance and repairs. It is also a source of energy. When we talk about Protein, Our mind quickly goes to meat, fish and eggs. These are all animal based protein. Plant based protein also offers you same benefits. Continue reading 10 plant based Protein source in Nigeria