Weight Loss Made Easy e-book

Weight Loss Made Easy e-book.

Weight loss Made Easy e-book is all you need for a sustainable and permanent weight loss solution. It emphasizes lifestyle changes to help you lose weight for the Long run.

It covers interesting areas like:

Factors that make you gain weight, It’s not your fault you are overweight.
Dangers and complications of Obesity,
Calculating your ideal weight,
BMI calculator,
3-step plan to lose weight successfully,
Nigerian weekly meal plan,
Smoothies for Flat Belly,
Foods to burn Fat fast,
Physical activities for weight loss,
Common Nigerian foods, fruit and vegetable caloric table,
Maintaining your ideal weight and lots more.

Are you constantly struggling with fatigue and lack of energy?

Have you tried multiple plans and diets without success?

Do you consider weight loss a difficult or impossible task?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, this ebook is for you.


The author Okonkwo Promise a certified weight management specialist who successfully lost more than 25kg using the same protocol believes anybody can lose weight naturally. She has also managed her weight for more than 5years and so can you. Read her story here.

“Weight loss is possible, all you need is a smart game plan!”

Product description: e-book
Price: N5,000


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