Weight Loss Made Easy Paperback & Digital Version.

How i lost 30kg, Healed ULCER and Chronic Fatigue.

The Nigerians guide to Rapid Weight loss. Lose 3kg weekly!


Why are you gaining weight?

Factors that make you gain weight, It’s not your fault you are overweight.

what is your IDEAL WEIGHT?

Learn how to calculate your ideal weight range.

3-step weight loss plan

It's as easy as A-B-C. Follow through for immediate weight loss

Smoothies for weight loss

A blend of nigerian fruits and vegetables to guarantee a reduction in waistline FAST.


Weekly meal plan to get you started immediately. Includes Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner options.

common nigerian food & drinks calorie table

Find out for yourself the exact calorie content of everything you eat.

physical activity

The role of exercising in weight loss with activity guide

weight maintenance

Now you have lost weight. What next?

This BOOK is Amazing

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About the Author

Promise Okonkwo is a Nutritionist and Advanced Fitness Consultant who successfully lost up to 30kg using the same protocol documented in this book. She believes anybody can lose weight , all you need is a Smart game plan which has been uncovered in the book. She is married with 3 lovely teens.

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