Weight Loss Workshop- Get Trimmed in 21days


Workshop 2018

I’m super excited to introduce our 2018 weight loss workshop “GET TRIMMED IN 21 DAYS”.

This is the first of its kind because this time around, we are having 4 customised plan for different categories of people. I have come to realise with experience and expertise that one shoe doesn’t fit all when it comes to weight loss. Mama Nkechi’s method can vary from Iya Bukola, even as results vary for different individuals. A lot of things or factors can influence the success or downfall of your weight loss journey.

This workshop is broken down into the following groups:

  1. Regular Package: This package is a general intense weight loss plan open to persons without any medical condition. This means if you are in good health, without taking any medication or pills, you can join this package.
  2. Ulcer Package: as the name suggests, this plan is exclusive to ulcer sufferers. Care has been taken to select ulcer friendly foods that will help you lose weight without side effects like stomach pain, chest pain and other nasty feelings associated with aggravated ulcer.
  3. Cholesterol Package: People that have this condition needs special attention when it comes to weight loss. The aim of this plan is to reduce cholesterol levels naturally which will help the body shed weight easily.
  4. Nursing Mother Package: exclusive to nursing mothers who need to quickly shed baby weight without affecting baby’s feeding or health. You must have completed 6weeks post-natal Abeg.

What do you stand to gain?

  • Most importantly is how to lose weight without dying of hunger!
  • Learn nutritional habits that will change your diet.
  • Lose weight fast and keep it off.
  • Healthy meal replacements
  • Reduce risks of life threatening diseases like stroke, high Blood pressure and cancer.
  • Personal and group support.

This workshop is in 3 phases, Week 1, 2 and 3. By the end of week 1, you should have lost up to 4kg minimum.

1st Week: Body Reset / Detox (not included in nursing mother package)

2nd Week: Practical doable steps and meal plans specifically customised for each group

3rd Week: Diet readjustment and assessment.

It may last only 3 weeks (21days), but will definitely change your orientation about weight loss. You will be equipped with the tools and CONFIDENCE you need to continue your weight loss journey successfully. Come prepared to experience weight loss on another level.


Participation fee is N2,000.

After payment, send an email to promisetutu@gmail.com stating the package you are enlisting for. You will receive:

  • Questionnaire
  • Shopping list
  • Week 1 plan (7-day meal plan + easy exercise routine)
  • Link to join the WhatsApp group.

At the end of week 1, week 2 manual will be sent to participants. Same also for week 3. The WhatsApp group is for group support, questions and answers as well as important tips and guidelines. Research has shown that group support is helpful in encouraging weight loss than doing it alone. That being said, it is not compulsory to be in the group. You can partake in the workshop by email alone.


  • You have attempted weight loss on your own and didn’t succeed.
  • You are tired of spending money on slimming belts and girdles or pills.
  • Tired of losing weight and gaining it all back.
  • You want to lose weight healthily
  • Gain back your confidence
  • You want to manage your weight efficiently
  • You are tired of pretending you don’t need help.

The price is stupendously cheap to enable more people make a wise decision about Losing Weight. If you miss this years’ workshop, Na next year be that, OR pay for our executive coaching plan N10k monthly. The choice is yours!

Limited slots available.

For further questions AND compatibility check, don’t hesitate to reach me by email- promisetutu@gmail.com.

OR Contact me directly HERE

Join NOW


FEE: N2,000


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