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My name is Promise Okonkwo and this site is dedicated to all Nigerian women on their quest for a slimmer version of themselves. I was once overweight and went through challenges facing overweight individuals. My greatest CHALLENGE was difficulty in physical and sexual functioning. As a mother, wife and career woman, it was so hard performing my duties and roles effectively.

I constantly experienced:
Low energy levels
Digestive related disorders
Loss of sexual appetite
General body weakness ETC.

I was unhappy with myself and didn’t have motivation to do things that could better my life. However, My turning point came in 2011. Initially, I was okay with my size(to an extent) and didn’t really care what any other person thought of me, but when my husband (daddy mike) started noticing and commenting on my size, it dawned on me I had to do something FAST! I started exploring options. Some good, some bad, and some downright UGLY! I remember buying one stupid flush/cleanser which nearly.. (story for another) till I discovered the natural path to WEIGHT LOSS! All those feelings of weakness and other symptoms started reducing until it completely and totally DISAPPEARED! I successfully lost a total of 30kg!

I now feel lighter, youthful and Happier. I carry out my role as a mother, wife and business woman more effectively than before. I’ve written weight loss books both e-version and paperback and I’m soooo excited to share my journey with women, especially Nigerian women on the route I took to lasting weight loss solution.

In conclusion, WEIGHT LOSS is possible for Nigerian women. It’s no longer an oyinbo only suntin. LOOOL!